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Admission Rules:
Candidates must fill all the entries in the application form clearly themselves. Incomplete and inaccurate applications will not be accepted.
In the application form, the wrong information provider Entrance of the candidates, the college administration will cancel the information. Candidates will be liable for giving correct information in the application form. Candidates are expected to keep the selection of subjects in mind. For this, the candidate can consult the admissions interview committee.

Under any circumstances, the rules of the University will not normally be subject to change. Therefore, it is expected from the candidates that selection of subjects carefully.
Candidates with more than two years of educational intervals will be given admission only on giving the nominal affidavit of the interval period.

It will be mandatory for the candidate to appear in front of the admissions committee and the decision of the respective affiliate committee will be final.


General Rules:
Every student in the college is expected to maintain self-governing, studious and humble conduct compulsory. To follow the rules of the college, to come from time to time in the classroom and to maintain peace system, the priority of each student will be. Each student will have to keep his identity card together forever. Must have to submit at any inspection / checking time. To attend the university's annual examination, 80 percent attendance in the classroom is compulsory. Depending on the proper reason in the special circumstances, the principal can be given a discount of 5% in attendance. The student / student not following this rule will be denied the examination and will be expelled from the college. Attendance in all classes allotted in college is mandatory. The attendance and participation of students in academic and cultural activities such as seminars, workshops, seminars, conferences and special lectures organized by various departments and faculties of the college are mandatory. Students coming to the college are required to keep their vehicles in the fixed parking area.

Paying students all the fees for college students will be the personal responsibility of each student. If the fee is not deposited from the scheduled time, the student will be responsible for the delay fee itself. Students will be issued the entrance test for the annual examination only when they will receive all the fees of the college and get the non-receipt certificate from concerned departments and library. Abuse of any college professor, officer, employee or any other student or disciplinary breach On attending any other activity related to the subject, the student will be expelled from the college. In violation of the rules of the college, being absent continuously, dissolving peace arrangements and being involved in other irregularities, the college will be expelled from the college. If a student wishes to take admission in any other place in the middle session for any reason after admission in college, then he has to pay all the outstanding charges and return the facilities provided by the college. The principal has the right to keep or reject the admission of a student.

The disciplinary committee has been formed in the college by the principal. On the basis of the report of this committee, the disciplined students will be punished.
If any damage to the goods in the college premises, or to the second place, the guilty student / student will have to pay the full price and it will be treated as indiscipline and punitive action will be taken.
Dirty college campus, writing on the walls of the class room or on the premises is completely prohibited. Use of mobile or cell phone in college premises is prohibited. If a student gets found using the experiment then the penalty of Rs 300 will be payable.

It is compulsory for the students to attend the prescribed uniform (uniform) in the college campus.
It is compulsory for every student to keep the college campus clean. The use of drugs like paan, gutkha, cigarette etc. is prohibited. Will be punished if found using.
Range UGC in college And according to the orders of the Supreme Court is prohibited. If found guilty, legal action will be taken.
Notice of each activity in the college is given on "notice board". Students should continue to observe the information boards regularly for information about such information. All the responsibility of being deprived of these information will be of the students.